The Hyyer C.N.O.A.T : David Turner

“This is what they need. Give them the greatness they never knew they had.”


That is exactly what Dave did for me with this interview. Gave me Ignited the greatness in me that I didn’t know I had. This. Was. Hard. I literally struggled to start this because, well, it’s new. However, to be honest, I do not believe that God made any mistakes when He allowed me to interview Dave. If you’re looking for next level…if you’re looking to go @1hyyer, look no further.

Hyyer Ground; Hit it Running.

While catching a late breakfast, Dave informed me of a few things; the most important being that there was a restructure going taking place internally as well as externally. Now as I’m sure you’re wondering, yes, he is STILL running Trill Theory Fitness LLC. Just making everything better. He has been and plans to facilitate his business through Hyyer.

“I believe I’m just gonna keep things on a “Hyyer” note. Ding!”

“But at the same time I know I gotta do better, think better. And continually just be on some Hyyer sh*t. {To be} not only better for myself, but for the people that I’m assisting in what it is that they’re trying to do. Restructuring is a must! It’s just overall making things better..”

Now mind you, this has been a calling for Dave. Meaning he’s BEEN doing better to assist others in their endeavors AND it’s paid off. Whether it be sage advice to his best friend or comical, yet practical wisdom imparted to his accountability partners. He has reached a number of people in creative ways; from his #PhilosophyOfTheDay to the #ChefnWithTrill. All facets that can reach people. The newest way he has done so is through fashion. I purchased a pair of the sneakers he recently released and let me be the first to tell anybody looking for fashion-forward, comfortable, fit your personal style shoes…they are cold! Ice cold to be exact!

Hyyer: The Brand

So as we talked, of course, I had to know what inspired Dave to start a clothing line, but more importantly how it came to be Hyyer.

 “I always knew I wanted to start a line. I just never knew when… I wanted to start a line to help {like} with the psyche.. That’s why I’m doing this Hyyer thing.”

Almost instantly the pieces started coming together. He explained to me that he had written a poem which summed up says, “As above so below.”

Down here thinking higher, the Hyyer things will have to come eventually. You know what I’m saying? If that’s my thought process in what it is that I’m doing. But then the lower half, it don’t match… I would say it don’t fit this temple. But [only] if I stay in higher state of mind, higher attitude….and then I can spread that through clothing.

Essentially it boils down to these three things: Mind. Body Soul. As he was speaking revelation was coming more swiftly than it had before. The mind is where it starts, but the soul is where it finishes, and everything that connects the two is in between, at the body. Funny thing is, in school, we are taught things that are seemingly irrelevant to the lives we lead and yet grammar started making more sense.  Your introduction, well that’s your mind. It tells you what is about to come; because if you think a thing, you speak that thing, then you do said thing. The body. That’s where all of the hard work is… The meat and potatoes, loads of information, the process. The soul. That’s the recap of everything that’s happened. It’s almost baffling because if you were to reflect on your life, look at where you are and trace it back to the thought that you originally had about being there, you’d be shocked.

“It’s a mind, body, soul thing.”

“The most important is your mind. It’s nice to have a nice physique, but if you not right with your maker then what’s the point? You can think your soul is okay, but if you not actually thinking about it, and training your mind to think on a Hyyer note then a lot of it’s pointless.”

Warrior vs Worrier

After making a statement about new living arrangements earlier this year, those arrangements had become a reality. Not exactly how he had planned it, but it happened. Dave does #PhilosophyOfTheDay which encourages his followers and subscribers to think on that Hyyer level. To be aware of their psychological process at this party we call Life. It literally shapes your reality. He shared a personal moment of a warrior mentality versus a worrier mentality. Before sharing allow me to explain to you…

You can NOT be a warrior and a worrier. See these are two MINDsets, and just like anything you have to CHOOSE! A warrior is relentless and fearless, causing adversity and the universe to move out of the way for the desired result. A worrier, on the other hand, is timid and fearful, which the universe rewards with obstacles and detours to the desired end result.

“These past three months have been some of the best months ever. So much growth as a person.”

“..I think I told y’all about my mom having that procedure done.. So the doctor said she was gone get out that Monday, and I was like cool.. I prayed on it and {like}, I don’t f*ck with doubt no more…. But that Saturday the doctor was like, ‘We found something and she might have to stay ’til Tueday,’ and I was like I’m not worried about it, ’cause we said we getting out Monday. That’s what it is. I told my Mom that, and she was like, ‘Okay then. Alright!’ “‘

When she got out…If it wasn’t Sunday afternoon, it was that Monday morning.

He went on to explain that if you worry about things that God can’t do what He was going to do, and so He sends more things your way to see if you can handle it. Ironically, it’s as if you take the same test until you pass it. Then, and only then do you get to move on.

Past. Present. Future.

Evidentally Dave got it early on, and he made sure to credit his parents for giving him the perfect upbringing.

“I look at myself as a child. Like, yeah you’re supposed to fear your parents. But the 5th Commandment *Deuteronomy 5:16* says, ‘Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.’ So I just be like, okay. With honor, you have to love something. {I} fear y’all too, but at the same time if I’m fearing everything that you say or do I’m gonna shy away from that. But if I love it I’m probably more willing to listen to the advice that you give even though I don’t have to listen to it. ”

In application to his life presently Dave says that life is a marathon, not a sprint. I thought this was profound because it told of his patience. Similar to the children’s story the Tortoise and the Hare; life requires patience. He informed me that he’s never had a problem with patience, and that along his fitness, business, and loc journey his patience has increased even more. Dave also briefly spoke on money power and respect, correlating power to patience and poise. Originally, he’d wanted Trill Theory Fitness LLC to take off, but he recognized that there were some things that could be better. Now he practices more yoga, meditation, and mental congratulations.

In March of 2016, he started the PescoPoyu journey which has helped him keep his mind more focused on the goal rather than the reward of the goal. He’s recently decided to gradually transition to veganism and is doing so with ease.  He spoke about the pride of letting a client see the result later as the best example of patience–delayed gratification!

“When I was younger, I don’t know about you, but a lot of kids got money for getting good grades. I was like ‘I’m making better grades than these n*ggas.’ It’s not about getting rewarded. You’re supposed to do it.”

“It’s a marathon not a sprint, but I’m still tryna win the race.”

He informed me that being patient with yourself is the major key to recognizing growth and that if you don’t trust the process you’re less likely to see that. About his loc journey, he said to not compare because it’s not a competition. Once again reiterating patience.

So for those of you anticipating the best workouts and meal plans for 2018– JUST WAIT ON IT! (*Migos voice) During this month Dave will be putting together fitness and meal plans, as well as doing a philosophy of the day for his viewers on Instagram and YouTube. With THAT being said, he is taking his time in writing a book and developing a Hyyer Challenge, as well as more clothing for Hyyer.

Ladies and gentleman, David ‘C. N. O. A. T.’ Turner…

“I been respected since I came out the womb. I don’t know how…It’s God given.”

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