What’s Your Motivation?

Once upon a time, I was asked, “What’s your motivation?”

I stumbled across my thoughts in deep concentration

Before I could even utter or let another breath pass, I woke up in front of God because the breath I took was my last.

Stood in reverence so humbled by His glory, then flashed across a screen my entire life story.

Too ashamed of the past and so enveloped in the present I saw that I’d left my future desolate and neglected.

Then I cried, wailed, weeped, and started mourning because I had so much planned for the next morning.

Finally, I woke up, realized it was just a dream, but never would I forget all of what I had seen.

The next day I was asked, “What’s your motivation,” I responded these words with no hesitation,

“The destiny He’s designed and created with so much thought, the love He’s given me to mend my broken heart. The grace He’s given me to walk out of my past, the patience He’s given me to endure and surpass. God is my motivation and who I’m running towards because I can’t idolize myself and ‘my works’ anymore.” 

What’s Your Motivation?


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