Wake. Pray. Slay. {Scene 1}

This a script of my life from where I am sitting now…. Meaning the phase and stage of life I am beginning to understand.

*Take One of One*


What else could you possibly do every day that’s better than this?!

Yesterday morning I woke up determined to be the happiest woman in the world, and you know what? I achieved it. I decided that no matter the outcome I would be okay by myself for myself. You can’t live for anyone but yourself, because if you try to live someone else’s life you’ll end up unhappy.

SN: I bet you’re reading this and thinking how in the world is this lady coming up with this…


This is the story of my life.


“My name is Alayshia D. Kingsberry (Haynie),” I wrote in my diary. I had to stop believing in the impossible I reminded myself. It was my luck unfortunately  that I had prayed to have an understanding heart. When I was 17 years old I asked God if I could understand His heart…  God is..more than the picture we so often paint. God is, me…God is you…. God is oneness. There is a lot of pressure being the one with all of the answers. That’s when you realize you don’t know everything.

*Drifts away from writing*



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