Calling All Gamers to #BringBackGreatness !

Above shown from left to right, Kameron and Alex Lewis, Founders of IMackulate Vision Gaming.

In the gaming world, and especially amongst colleges nationwide, it is rare that you will find someone who is completely disinterested in college football. I know someone is out there reading this thinking, “Well I know a lot of girls who could care less.” The truth is as young women, usually with an interest in a young man who loves gaming, we ‘love’ gaming too. In recent years EA Sports has stopped creating games that use the likeness of college athletes because there was a great debate of whether or not collegiate athletes should receive compensation for the games. This is crucial because many gamers who were in love with the game series were greatly disappointed when the manufacturing of such riveting games stopped. Well world I have some news for you! Kameron and Alex Lewis, cousins, have collaborated on a new gaming business IMackulate Vision Gaming. This gaming company is the first black-owned gaming company in Alabama and will bring back the college aspect to gaming! *You’re welcome.*

IMV Gaming

Alex and Kameron connected as children, sharing a passion for video games. These two cousins have agreed that it is ideal to work with someone you know shares the same passion. This opportunity presented itself when the EA Sports discontinued the production of NCAA college football (in 2013) and college basketball (in 2009).

“We want to bring back college football video games in a new innovative way and give a different option, especially in a time like now.” –Alex L.
“Just from watching the streams on Twitch, a lot of people are saying ‘There’s only one football game. We need another one on the next gen.'”- Kameron L.

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When asked about why a gaming company was chosen Alex offered this answer, “Not having skills shouldn’t hinder someone from starting a business. Self-awareness is very important when you’re starting a business, you can always find members to add to your team that adds value in the areas that you aren’t the strongest.” Kameron also commented that On July 16, 2016, the two entrepreneurs hit two thousand followers on their Twitter account–they started with just twenty. Lewis also mentioned that because the gaming community is primarily on Twitter it was extremely exciting to get the abundance of positive feedback from their audience.

“I think people are buying into the idea. People are very accepting of that [us as owners]. ” Alex L.

Eric Thomas, former wide receiver for the Troy University Trojans is more than happy that the duo is bringing college football back to the gaming community.

“I’m glad they’re doing this. They shouldn’t have taken college football away from us anyway, it’s more exciting than Madden. To be able to play as yourself or other teammates is a great feeling.” -Eric Thomas, former Troy University WR, #3

They are adamant about bringing the college experience back to and for the gaming community. These gentlemen are driven by the opportunity to exceed the expectations of gamers and critiques alike and to deliver a quality game the provides an excellent gaming experience. Throughout the entire process, The Lewis cousins intend on remaining close to the community because “that is who’s most important.” This strategy will keep their company in good favor with those utilizing their product by maintaining a good relationship with the consumer. Kameron made sure to emphasize that the relationship with the community is a significant part of their business. He also expressed another challenge as having to prove that what they are doing is not a scam. There have been a few potential consumers who are extremely interested in purchasing their game but are a tad skeptical.

“In my opinion, {the challenge} is about getting people to know what you’re doing. Because somebody is going to say something negative, but I think that the people [support] we have now is a blessing.” -Kameron L.
“I think the pressure lies there. You want to convert those people from non-believers to believers. After awhile you can ‘convert’ people…and really we don’t have anything concrete [a finished game] yet, but they’re still starting to believe in what we’re doing.” – Alex L.

A13921018_104868723292362_1311604549347865399_nfter discussing the pressures of convincing people to believe in a product, Alex briefly expressed the most challenging aspect of starting a gaming business. He explained that there is not a great deal of information for those who are starting a gaming business. Frankly, if you are not already included in the secret gaming society–seriously–reliable information is difficult to come across.

“The kick starter is a benefit for both of us [the consumer and ourselves]. We think about all of the possibilities that can come from our kick starter. Its going to be an exciting beginning to a long journey that we will enjoy taking our fans on.”- Kameron L.

Recently the Alex and Kameron had a ‘Q&A’ session which was posted on Youtube and afforded the community the opportunity to reach out to them. They also live stream on Periscope and that also keeps the community up to date with what is going on with the business and game. Currently, the two are preparing to run a kick starter campaign that will generate funding to start development of their game. This campaign will start on September 2, 2016, with an end date of October 31, 2016. They have a stretch goal of $2.5 million, while the minimum is $850k. If you would like to find out more please click any IMackulate Vision Gaming link on this article. You will be directed to the business page where you can post questions, comments, and concerns.


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