The Fitness Theory is Trill: David Turner

Trill- adj.  well respected, coming from a combination of the words true and real.

Used in a sentence…

“His actions proved that he was one trill mother-shut yo’ mouth!”


During your college years, you tend to flock to people who are like you without even knowing.  Now, of course, there are others who would disagree, but this isn’t about them. This is about David (Dave) Turner. I met Dave a little over a year ago through mutual associates and today Dave is my fitness trainer. Why are these menial details important? Well, it was Dave who introduced me to the word trill, and while I felt I could not take on adjective quite as well as Dave, I found myself doing so after just a few encounters. Dave has unknowingly encouraged me to remain ‘trill’ through all endeavors, but especially when it comes to my mental and physical states.

Trill Beginnings

“I always knew that I was going to start my own business, well businesses. It was just a matter of what and when.”

Late last December Dave, the owner and CEO of Trill Theory Fitness LLC  reached out to potential clients inviting them to utilize his fitness program for a year–FREE! Five individuals were selected for this opportunity and have since been developing a trill physique via the workout regimen that he provides. Turner received his degree in Sport and Fitness Management from Troy University and has since been using that as well as his natural and lifelong fitness experience to his advantage. He explained to me that he wanted to use his expertise to help people achieve goals that they have set for themselves. When asked about the motive of his business he stated that he just wants people to start working out.

“It doesn’t take a lot to get what you really want. You can get to where you want to be. A lot of people have body goals, but don’t want to put in the work. I just want to get the word out that a little effort goes a long way.”

Dave has introduced his clients to hard work and real results at an affordable price. He is working towards getting the community out of lazy, microwaveable solutions.


“As a man thinketh it shall be.”  During our interview, Dave spoke these words and they resonated with me, but even more after he explained a recent proud moment. He explained that having the LLC behind his title before officially having the title made him treat his business like the business it would be with the LLC.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m there yet, but so far being official (having an LLC) is a proud moment… It’s not just words anymore.

He reiterated that hard work and consistency plays a major role in earning the desired results. Keywords: hard work and consistency! His ultimate goal for Trill Theory Fitness LLC  is to eventually have the healthy lifestyle as a part of people’s mindset on a daily basis. He plans to do this by spreading knowledge of working out through all kinds of channels to avoid excuses. His relationship with his clients is a love/hate relationship, as he will often say when sharing their progress; they hate the work and love the results. Turner described a jovial feeling for when his clients are on the grind and seeing the results of their hardwork. He attested to his mother and girlfriend being his motivation and inspiration to him.

My mom…Almost everything to this day she gave me life, guidance, and assistance. She introduced me to sports, and that’s what I did as a kid. I still go to her for guidance…even if it’s for the smallest things…

I say my woman, she’s going to be with me through it, this thing we call life. She gives me encouraging words and keeps me on my toes…. I just know that I gotta do what I need to do for them.

He advises those striving to start their own business to be prepared for a lot of ‘No’s’, especially when you’re selling a service that is not a tangible good.

“It’s not tangible until a person sees the results that they want.”

He also encourages that you should perfect your craft and persevere through and actually do what you want to do.

All Gainz No Excuses

Amongst starting any business there are challenges that arise and must be overcome. The way that these obstacles are approached can be to the benefit or detriment of a budding business, and Turner has realistically and optimistically tackled each that have been thrown his way. Amongst those challenges, he mentioned two.

I guess it’s a 1a. and 1b. answer. The 1a. would be getting consistent clientelle. You know, having people who are ready to change their lifestyle and who are ready to work. And then the 1b. is me rolling the dice and going all in with my business.

He has recently updated his website and is always looking  for opportunities to grow his business. His website is available in any Trill Theory Fitness LLC link. He is also working on more marketing to get the word out in Birmingham. Don’t be alarmed because he does offer workout programs and packages for those who are not in the Birmingham area (and they work just as well, trust me I know)!

Before the close of the interview, Turner informed me that he wants to put more pressure on himself than on someone else, but is looking towards collaborating with a nutrition specialist.

This is what they need. Give them the greatness they never knew they had.

Dave’s versatile and different workout combinations–crafted for each individual, as well as his flexibility to assist a client are what set him apart as a trainer and business owner.

He quoted Andre 3000 to describe life, “You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can’t predict the weather.” All to say you can have your plans, but stay prepared because you never know what’s going to be thrown your way. You can’t beat a bad day with excuses, but you can overcome it with hard work and dedication.

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