Bring Back Black Wall Street Pt 2

Brief summary of the previous article:

Go read it!! Bring Back Black Wall Street No, seriously go check it out if you haven’t. Today I’m going a little more in-depth about what Black Wall Street was and what it will be when it rises again.

From the image that accompanies this article you can see there were 600 businesses, 21  churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, 2 movie theaters, 6 private airplanes, a hospital, bank, post office, multiple libraries and law offices, and a bus system!

There is always that one individual questioning the significance of such statistics, so allow me to expound on their significance. This set alone shows what just ONE community in the corner of a larger city did. Greenwood District is where “Little Africa” was in the greater Tulsa area. I say the greater Tulsa area because if there had been equality of the standard we have today it would have easily been the wealthiest city white or black in the United States. Now to return from that slight tangent…

Black Wall Street today would be able to thrive because there are more people of color getting their educations, starting businesses, creating prototypes, etc. This is important because of the images that we see every week. Do you realize that we have been programmed to believe the worst of ourselves and our peers, brothers, and sisters? Take Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for instance, there are always catfights, women fighting over men (with men), rumors being spread, and so much more turmoil. Or let’s go to something not so negative, but still equally as damaging. 99.9% of the time you’ll only see a successful black man dribbling a ball or scoring a touchdown. What’s even more disturbing is that there is no way to fully guarantee that a player will be able to live a normal life after their career is over–whether that be from injury or retirement.

I state these things because if we had the financial influence and control of our own schools, law offices, hospitals, libraries, and other things we could change the way we and other view us as Black Americans. Stereotypes are placed in our heads because we pay for it to be. Honestly, we and everyone who feeds into the hype of the negativity surrounding our culture is growing the monster of racism and segregation. If there was a Little Africa I strongly believe that there would be an all-time low of sickness and disease in the black community. Our sons and daughters would be less likely to be killed unlawfully because they would know the law, their rights, and the rights of the person who THINKS they’re going to even touch a hair on their head.

Black Wall Street was more than a community, it was family, and a place of security. I could go on, but I’ll let that simmer on your brain until the next time you check in.



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