Bring Back Black Wall Street

So let me jump right into this one! Bring back Black Wall Street, and when I say bring it back I mean BRING THAT BACK HERE BOY!!! I know you’re wondering why and I will let you know after this quick history lesson.

May 30-June 1, 1921 was The Tulsa Oklahoma Massacre. According to research materials found in Oklahoma State University’s library, the Greenwood District was the most affluent black community of the 20th Century and was burned to the ground during a 16-hour assault. Prior to the attack on Black Wall Street the commmunity had about 10,000 residents and amongst those residents were doctors, lawyers, business owners, realtors, and various other professionals.

Now that you’ve gotten a small taste of the beauty and destruction of probably the most prominent black community of the 20th and 21st Centuries allow me to explain why we need to bring back Black Wall Street.  Not saying that I want to invite segregation back into the picture at all, but understand this “Little Africa” was run by blacks for the best interest of blacks. There was not only doctors and lawyers, there were bank owners, school teachers, and other successful businessmen who were all black! I bring this up and reiterate they were black to pose this question: How much could change if a community was for the community rather than against it? In today’s society blacks do not support one another in the same manner that they did during that time, especially in that place. A Black Wallstreet would not only empower Black Americans, it would create and generate businesses, careers, schools, hospitals, and so much more that would serve a community and generation of people who are desperately searching for a solution to many problems.

Do you know that the black dollar is the most powerful dollar in the United States of America? Did you know that most every time a foreigner wants to start a business they go to the urban and most ethnically cultured areas? That’s because WE spend our money there! Who do you see in a Piggly Wiggly? Walmart? Popeyes? Don’t misunderstand me other races go to these places, but who do you see in there? Also,don’t take me for saying that it’s wrong for us to shop at these places, but look at our health statistics. Heart disease? Obesity? Depression? Diabetes? ADHD? The list goes on! The New Black Wallstreet could house so many opportunities that it’s almost unfathomable. Image a community of black entrepreneurs that had each other’s best interest at heart, a healthy community that self-educated, and produced world changers and revolutionaries. Beautiful isn’t it?

I hope that you’ll consider what you want the New Black Wall Street to be, and the positive and progressive impact that it will make today and for many generations to come. While there will be opposition there will be mass support. I surely hope that you’re amongst that support.



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