A year ago today I saw you for the first time since you lived on Park Street

and by this time I realized you ain’t even need me.

I was a little devastated, but even more I relieved

you were a product of a prayer that I prayed that was my seed.

I planted it and watered it as much as I could

but I needed nurturing for myself so I didn’t do you any good.

You asked me about God if I knew who God was

I thought I had the answer, but the answer then wasn’t enough.

Now that I know it feels a little too late me

but I love you and I love me: myself I emancipate.

Forever is today, the present, the gift.

I tasted forever happily every time that we kissed

I held forever until I had to leave the warmth of your embrace

when I was hurt I lost forever and felt I was displaced from you, from love, from God even

I needed my forever to keep my fragile heart from bleeding.

My cardiac arrested,

my loved for you tested,

my resilience and my patience both tried by rejection.


I care for forever and forever ain’t that bad cause I realized

I am forever the best thing I ever had.




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