Being “Pro Black” Doesn’t Mean You’re “Anti Everybody Else”

First and foremost let me reiterate the title… PRO BLACK DOES NOT MEAN ANTI EVERYONE ELSE? Get it? Got it? Good…

What is ‘Pro-Black’?

ProBlack is…

  • the pride of self and pride of ancestral origin, as well as the pride of current and past struggle and progress.
  •  is the ability to accept who I am as a Black/ African American. This means I create and support my brothers and sisters in their personal endeavors and other entrepreneurial motives.
  • loving all of who I am as I am and unapologetically embracing my culture.

What is ‘Anti Everyone Else’?

Anti-everyone else is…

  • hating, belittling, degrading—making to feel inferior–any group (race/culture) that is not of the direct lineage of the black community.
  • defacing, destroying, eradicating, and stealing the history of anyone who is not a descendant of African ancestry.


Often when one says that they are ProBlack the assumption is that that individual or group is anti-everyone else. I loathe that assumption because even more often those individuals, especially blacks, are made to feel as if being ProBlack or taking up for black people is wrong or racist. This is a terrible mindset, yet a brilliant form of enslavement. If you can control what a person thinks you can control that person– What deity they worship, where they shop, what they eat, and much more. My being ProBlack may be offensive to some, but from two points of view {because at one point I resented being black} I can fully…well better understand why it is so important to support my black brothers and sisters and black movements. Being ProBlack allows me to encourage younger members of the community to take a stand and love themselves and each other. To support one’s businesses and NOT as for a discount or complain about prices because they are ‘too high’ or match brand name prices.*

We are taught in schools about slavery and not enough about the origin of blacks and African Americans. This is problematic because is is teach the American population only a small portion of African American history which shows the negative effects of slavery. Even those stories are cut to a slim reading in textbooks! A ProBlack individual would advocate for classes to be taught, lessons to be given, and history to be accurately published within public school systems. A ProBlack individual would be fighting for there to be more information about Willie Lynch and what methods he used to mentally instill fear into his slaves and how that affects us today! Someone reading is probably wondering why that’s relevant to tonight’s topic….

Well, a lot of people who aren’t anti-everybody ARE anti-black by nature of education of the lack thereof. It’s an inferiority complex…and just the opposite is true. A lot of people who ARE  ProBlack are anti-everyone else because of miseducation or the lack thereof and that causes a superiority complex. Now I could be mistaken, and each individual is different, but being anti anyone will enable and feed the inferior or superior mentality.

Mentality…My mentality si that I have no lesser or greater counterpart. We are equal because we are balanced by each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are one.

“You can either die and be a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Jay-Z

So tell me, which do you choose?

I hope you’re ready to converse..

*More times than not the product will be better for you, your community, and the environment. We are an innovative people!!



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