Disclaimer: I am not perfect. I have been madly infatuated, sprung, mesmerized. I am only just now experiencing being in love (and knowing it), so I am not speaking of anything I haven’t dealt with myself.

Why do people become so hurt when the people that they are so intrigued with turn out either not to want them or to just have wanted them for a certain purpose or time? Why do some lash out and become so bitter that they stoop to a level of name-calling rather than just killing their craft or gift and making that other person regret they never gave them the time of day?

I can say for me, it was because I was so sure that I knew who I was when I didn’t. I “knew” a person so well that I understood every little detail of our situationship and of them. I knew that they would let me down easy or hard….when the truth is they didn’t want to let me down at all. Or I just knew that they were going to come around and care for me as much as I thought I cared about them.

I wanted to briefly touch on this topic because a lot of people find themselves getting hurt [in FRIENDSHIPS, SITUATIONSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS, etc] because they don’t understand themselves or the person with whom they believe they are engaging. I am not of the same mindset I was just a few weeks ago, so I’m sure the same is true of any man or woman that is reading this and has been on either side of the spectrum dealing with this matter.

All I can say is kNOw self, kNOw worth. You won’t pine over someone that isn’t meant for you. You’ll move on and make them regret sleeping on you, or you’ll live miserably and be angry with yourself (root of all of your problems, feelings, success, etc) while the other person is living their life happily and free of you..

I pray anyone who reads this finds some peace in whatever their situation may be and that they decide to flex up..pipe it up (or whatever the young people call it lol). There is too much opportunity to be the happiest and best you…to attract the person you want…. I’m just Queening though….




Queen LayD


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