Ace of Spades: Jordan ‘AceBoogieBeats’ Ward

Jordan ‘AceBoogieBeats’ Ward is a producer from south Georgia, who took a liking to music early on in the 5th grade. He has produced beats and other bodies of work in Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama. Most recently he collaborated with upcoming artist, Coby, who is based out of Birmingham, AL. Ward intends on linking up with Coby and other artists later this year for a large-scale music collaboration.
Jordan has been inspiring me since June 2009 when we first met. The inspiration he gave was to be true to who you are no matter what others have to say. I have been carrying that inspiration and am now proud to say that because of his influence in my life I am more transparent than I was before we met. AceBoogieBeats, the producer, inspires me to go for it no matter what because nothing happens by chance.

I decided to this interview a little different because of his transparency as a person and producer. I hope that some of his influence reaches to the deepest corners of your being, and inspire you to pursue your dreams.

The Ace of Spades: Jordan ‘AceBoogieBeats’ Ward

Q: How long have you been making beats and producing?
I have been producing music since 2006.
Q: Who inspired you to start your movement?
My movement was inspired by a few different things. I get my musical background from my family, and my cousin is a photographer. I have always been a hustler and hard-working person, so it kind of all just came together for me.

Q: I know that you also have a film entity to your business called Virgo Visuals, what inspired you to start that?

 Virgo Visuals came from me just loving to create and capture great moments in life. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I find peace and relaxation in photography or filming. It’s therapeutic for me.
Q: What’s your favorite camera to shoot with?
My favorite camera to shoot with is my Canon 7d. It is a DSLR camera and is good for pretty much any kind of visuals or photography; it also has many lens combos that can be used for more detailed shoots.
Q: Are you just a “one man band” or do you have a team that you work with?
For the most part, I am a one-man band when it comes to producing music. I do sometimes collaborate with other producers, but for the most part, I compose alone. I do have an audio engineer by the name of A1 who has his own production company called A100Drumz. He mixes all of my records and he also produces.
Q: Do you prefer to work alone or together?
I prefer to work alone honestly because there are fewer distractions and more work gets done that way. I like working alone because I can make sure things are done exactly how I would like them, but I am open to working with other SERIOUS producers.
Q: What projects do you take the most pride in so far?
This is a tough one because I take pride in a lot of projects, but I would have to say that I take the most pride in my projects with my bro Jacoby.
Q: So you produced two tracks on Jacoby’s The Chosen One 2, how did that collaboration occur?
The collaboration between Jacoby and I came about from just working back and forth via email and him taking a liking to my production, and me taking a liking to his music and style. Ever since then I have produced at least one track on each of his projects.
Q: Who would you like to work with in the near future?
In the near future, I would like to work with artists such as The Weekend or BIG KRIT… Future or Kendrick Lamar, or even some of the dope underground artists.
Q: What do you think makes you, as an individual, stand out from other producers/photographers/film creators?
What makes my standout as a person is my work ethic, diversity, and having such an open mind. As a producer, I stand out by using a lot of abstract sounds to compose good music. As far as film, I think I separate myself from the way I prepare to do a shoot or a film. 
Q: What makes your beats and productions stand out from other producers?
The time and planning that I put into it all is insane and that’s why my work turns out to be quality.
Q: What’s the best and worst feeling of any project?
The best feeling of any project is when the consumer is satisfied and craving more of your work. The worst feeling is when you as the composer isn’t really sold on the project because if you don’t like it the consumer more than likely won’t {like the project} either.
Q:  What programs do you use or suggest to budding producers?
Fruity Loops Studio is the easiest way to climb into producing. The program is pretty simple to use, but it does get more and more tedious the further along you get; especially when it comes to mixing and mastering your sound.
Q:  What’s the most difficult thing that you’ve had to endure during your career that has   made you keep pushing to get at it?
The most difficult thing that has taken place on my journey was having all of my equipment, music and photography, stolen twice. I had to hustle 5 times as hard to just get my stuff back and then even harder to catch back up to where I was.
Q:  What’s your advice to someone wanting to come up?
My advice to someone who wants to produce, or do photography or ANYTHING in life is first to pray and ask God for guidance and understanding on what you want to accomplish. Next, {would be} believe in yourself no matter what, even when it gets tough to believe more because nobody will believe in you like you. {And} lastly never quit.
Q:  What’s next for Virgo Visuals and AceBoogieBeats Productions?
Virgo Visuals is looking to put together bigger and better shoots and build a promo team that helps get shoots booked for commercial businesses and in different states. As far as the music, I am heading in the direction of just getting music out to all hard-working artist and bringing new sounds and waves to the music industry, and to touch people around the world with the music.

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