Natural Hair in the Workplace


So many black women (and men) have taken to reverting their hair back to its natural kinky curly state!

Now let’s get this clear first: BLACK NATURAL HAIR IS NOT NAPPY!! 

While at work I have found it difficult to decide which look is appropriate to wear to work, because of the long stares or glance overs I’ve received from coworkers and parents. 

 I often am complimented on my hair when it’s NOT in its natural state. Or if I do receive any compliments on my beautiful curls it’s from the young ladies I serve and work with who also have natural hair. Mind you the young ladies I’m referring to are about 10 years younger than me, so I recognize the importance of wearing my hair in its natural state. To those girls I am a role model, and am consciously and subconsciously teaching them to be proud to wear their hair. 

With that being said here are some of the styles that I believe are NOT work appropriate, because it’s simply easier to list that way. 

1. Flat twists

This is from a professional and personal standpoint. For me my flat twists aren’t long enough for me to comfortably wear them anywhere but under a bonnet/wig. Basically if you wouldn’t go out on a date with the hairstyle the don’t wear it to work. 

Really, any hair style should feel comfortable to wear, because at the end of the day as long as your hair doesn’t stop you from doing your job or others from doing their job then everything should be copacetic. 

Of course if you serve in the military or at a factory I suggest utilizing protective styles while in the field, because there is little maintenance. But also for safety purposes your beautiful hair can’t get caught in or on anything that would cause you more pain  and injury than it would to cornrow or twist it. And for those who don’t go out in the field maintain regulation, let your hair down on the weekend OR pursue the job you love more that will allow you to wear your hair however you want. 
NOW: Natural Hair in School

Short and simple, let the children express themselves through their hair. Let them take pride in being a child of African descent! Hair grows from your head, therefore PARENTS, TEACHERS, and PRINCIPALS should easily understand the BIOLOGY of hair or the HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE of Negusti and Kandakes who wore their hair. 

I shan’t continue on that, because children who have been allowed to express themselves freely (through hair, art, intellect, etc.) are happier more involved students and adults. These children are often the very ones who change the world. Children should not have to conform to a military standard, nor should they be penalized for being comfortable in their own skin with their own hair. 

I hope someone’s listening. Because I. Am. Talking. 
-Queen LayD 

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