This is 2015

The problem with the world isn’t what you think it is…


And ain’t nobody in the world now listening,

we got young people dying left and right they giving in,

cause the dream they were sold isn’t paying any dividends!

Correct me if I’m wrong but education should be free  but the attention’s being drawn to a place where we can’t see!

That place is in the minds of those who are in or have been to college!

But can’t read speak or think with their God-given knowledge    or the knowledge that they paid for, or rather that they borrowed.

The knowledge they forgot but’ll have to pay for tomorrow.

(I’m talking about Sallie Mae, may I pay a smaller debt, make it so that my degree don’t make me feel more regret…..)

Speaking without thinking, acting before speaking….

foundation diving low while death is high and peaking!

What’s the world coming to?!

Father God we need You!


I’m praying that better times will come soon….

Because this is 2015….

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