The Chosen One: Jacoby ‘Coby’ Browder

Jacoby ‘Coby’ Browder, a Tuskegee University graduate, has been inspiring me long before he started his music career. I mustered up the courage to ask him for this interview because of words he spoke in our 10th-grade Biology class after I asked him if he thought I was a bad person.

“Nah, you cool. Man, don’t even worry about what people say. People {are} gonna talk ‘til the day you die. Just do you”.

I held on to that grain of wisdom he shared and now I am getting to witness and write about his greatness. While his mixtape primarily houses his lyricism and unique delivery his diverse skill set is not limited to rap but extends into the writing, singing, and acting arts; all of which contribute to his ability to be such a flexible music artist. He reminds his fans, old and new, that he Can’t Stop Won’t Stop* coming for the Glory* because he is the chosen one.

First Day Out

Jacoby Browder aka Coby has been rapping for about six years and singing since he was about ten years old. Before emerging in the music industry he played football for the great Tuskegee University while earning his degree. In the beginning, he was not planning on becoming a recording artist, but slowly freestyle fun turned into a serious business.

I started rapping when I was in highschool, ’round 11th grade, recording songs for fun. [It] wasn’t really serious but me and my patnas just wanted to make a song ’cause we got tired of just free styling.

As he welcomed listeners to The Chosen One 2 he stated that he took some time off after releasing a few mixtapes to perfect his craft and get exposure on the road. He also thanked those listening and supporting. Coby explained that support didn’t take long to come around once he started, but that he is inspired by his father, who doesn’t feel that music is really a great career. He went on to express that he is destined for greatness and that he “can’t stop, won’t stop” his pursuit of the glory.

Coby records with BBM & Rollin Productions. He told me that BBM stands for Browder Brother’s Movement, which may be changed to add appeal for others to use. The BBM team has been consistent with displaying excellence, and Coby let me know that nothing but greatness can be expected from them.

Survival of the Fittest

Last year Coby entered into the BET Who Wants to Make It competition and won at his local radio station. He talked about how challenging it was to get votes for the competition, but that even though he didn’t win the entire competition that he still applies pressure even when he’s down and out.

…it was cool performing during the HipHop Awards weekend. They loved the songs that were done and accepted it [the performance] greatly.

Coby mentioned that he is always writing and uses every opportunity he has to do so. 

I’m always writing….I’ll write anywhere. I started writing a verse while I was in the club one time cause my patna challenged me to be better.

Rapping is more than some past time hobby, he takes his career in music very seriously and encourages anyone striving to become better to grind consistently, pray, and invest in themselves.

Rapper’s Ambition

Browder lets fans know that he is more than a rapper by showing his skillset on his latest mixtape The Chosen One 2, which I must say was well produced. He educates his listeners on the reality of being apart of the music industry explaining that it’s a challenge to get people to listen to the music you produce, but that the grind is well worth it.

I just feel that [in] 2016 I’m going to progress further  in my music career, just by how I am evolving as an artist….This whole process of trying to make it is a defining moment because I am seeing how I’m evolving into a matured and experienced artist and person.

Coby also educates on the reality and importance of black history.

It’s important to promote that type of knowledge because we as a black people have been lost for so many years, so I feel we each should contribute to the educational guidance of our people. What made me start attaining this knowledge was learning everything I wasn’t taught about my people in high school.

He also mentioned that he would like to work with a few different artists such as Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and J. Cole. All of whom bring an aspect of guidance to their music. The various styles contribute to the diverse groups within the black community. His dedication to the art will allow him to not only educate, but be a role model for young men who are striving to achieve greatness.

Currently, he is working on a new hit entitled, True Facts, is set to drop a short film called “Head Shot” directed by Brent Craige.  Both projects are to honor his mentor Malcolm X, who he portrayed in the new short film. If you don’t already I suggest you follow him on Instagram and download “The Chosen One 2“.  He is only getting better with every song and project and is definitely an artist that you will be seeing on TV and be hearing on every radio station very soon.


*These two tracks are my personal favorite, one of which (Glory), he informed me was the most challenging to write.

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