Black King (Negus)

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, look at this one and tell me how many you heard….

You’re not what the media portrays of you, not bound to the chains that could enslave or maim the group. The group of Kings with whom you walk and also lead; the group of Kings who recognize a classy Queen. You ask, “What is mediocrity?! Who but

You ask, “What is mediocrity?! Who but me or Yahweh got power to stop the King?! Are they hating and mad? Probably. No apologies. Head up high, walking tall because of God in me.”

Black King I see you! And support ’til forever, we got work to do, let’s do it together.

From your crown to the sole of your feet I see your excellence, your royalty!

Knowledge is your power and in this hour you will shower your influence while you reign; thanks to God that history’s window couldn’t mask your pain; Black King I see you!

The dark knight rises as night falls black; truth is hidden in your life so much proof, in fact…

King…Negus…your power is unparalleled! You got bars for years and have never seen a prison cell; cellular mutation caused Moors to be hated. What else would you expect when you’ve derived from greatness.

Black King I see you stand and speaking with authority, I recognize and stand by as your rib…you’ve spermed the whole earth in me. The kingdom that you rule will never be taken down ’cause you keep God first who has bestowed to you your crown.

Reign well King.

-Queen LayD

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