Return of Badu

December 9, 2015

They don’t want a girl to be real– they want her to be real quiet, real pretty, and real fake most times!

Oxymoron for these morons bet they really hate my mind. Not hating I’m just saying they can’t rape my mind; for the spouting individuality, the charm, the security, the innocence of being honest, the golden glow of purity…

I’m something unique, I’m something creative, I’m a strong ass individual and I ain’t nothing to play with! That’s why I’m staring in the mirror yo! I got bars..I’m poetic    don’t need a punch line. You got balls? They sensitive like they been on the punch line!

Glide like a bird, make an impact like a mosquito. You can’t view the big picture, like and elephant stomping Nemo. It’s NOT gonna happen!

Don’t you get it? New contender; make a name like Ali or find your nearest vendor for the carbon copy of someone else’s life… {You} thought I forgot where I was going the I rededicated my life to be set apart and attract what I desire; by giving up the negativity started focusing on my goals, my reality, and Higher.

I’m not like those other girls. I’m inventive. When I say I’m killing these girls in every way I meant it. It’s not literal, it’s figurative because I have no competition. I will teach this to our daughters thus creating a better world to live in.


-Queen LayD

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