Loyal Lactationist: Sterling Grey 

This article is dedicated in loving memory of Mr. Clyde Grey. Grandfather, entrepreneur, and guardian angel.

Loyal LactationistA person who studies the science of human mother’s milk production, also known as lactation, and applies the knowledge to help encourage mothers to breastfeed and keep a steady flow of milk production.

In less than two months, Sterling Grey, founder and CEO of Loyal Lactation will not only hold the title as a loyal lactationist but also as a lactation specialist. After the completion of the course, she will become a lactation consultant. What this means is that her business is going to catapult into bigger and larger audiences!  Becoming a lactation consultant will give her the ‘leg up’ in her business. I was humbled that she allowed me to interview her, and meet her two beautiful children. Sterling has been a role model of mine since my 9th-grade year of track and field and has continued to set the bar high in various aspects of her life. From the track to motherhood, to founding and owning her own business she has remained loyal to leading.


From a young age, Grey has had an entrepreneurial spirit. This drive to be all that she can was given to her by her grandfather, who owned and operated several different businesses. She informed me that he passed when she was just twelve, but that he had made a profound and permanent impact on her life. This mother of two recalled that she became aware of the need for her business when she became ill with a bacterial infection just six weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

Once I was better, my milk had practically dried up. So I went to my doctor and he tried to prescribe a pill for me to take….the draw back to that was I couldn’t breastfeed while I was taking the medicine. Which was dumb to me, because I’m trying to get milk to be able to feed my child.

From there Grey took it upon herself to find natural ways to regain her lactation. This led her to superfoods that she could incorporate into tasty treats (cookies) for herself and friends who were also breastfeeding. After hearing “You should sell these,” on multiple occasions from her friends she began turning her hobby into a business.

Birth of a Business

While Grey always knew that she had the business spirit inside of her, she did not expect for her business to be as successful as it has been. She recalled, ‘I just knew it was something that I could do.’ When the opportunity presented itself for her to have her own business she was ready to do all that was necessary to make her dream a reality. And although she faced some opposition in her initial decision to breastfeed, as well as starting her business, she pushed past the negativity and now has a loyal base of customers, supporters, and advocates.

Don’t let anyone tell you, ‘You can not do it.’…[and] Even when times look like they’re dark and you don’t think you’re gonna make it, just push through because you never know what could come from it.

This resiliency as well as support from husband, Jordan, pushed her to officially open shop on February 28th of last year. The name of her business was inspired by her husband’s video and production company, L.E.A.D Production Company (Loyalty Everyday All Day). He expressed to her, ‘You want your customers to be loyal, so call it Loyal Lactation.’ With his help, she has created a website, filmed commercials, and marketed her product.

“Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?!”

In the beginning, I was just giving them away….[I would ask] ‘Oh! Are you gonna breastfeed?! I’ll bring you some cookies!’…I was going to baby showers like, ‘Oh, I’ll bring you some cookies!’…[but] it never occured to me to charge until a friend of mine said ‘Hey how much do I owe you?’ I was like, ‘Uhm, nothing?’

After an initial sale of $15.00, she began to charge $10.00 per batch plus shipping and handling. Since her business is flourishing so well she has customers all across the country! This is great, but (and this is literally the only negative thing she said) shipping costs have been her only challenge since starting her business. Aside from that, she expresses that the spirit has been moving in her life, therefore, opportunities to resolve the matter could be right around the corner. -I’m sure with clients all the way out in California that a solution will be found, like tomorrow!-

She couldn’t disclose her top secret recipe, but this Super Mom did let me know that flax seed meal and lots of water are key for nursing mothers and mothers to be.

Developmental Milestones

Since being in Georgia she has been working with a chiropractor who works exclusively with pregnant mothers. This is giving her the opportunity to work on one of her goals for her business: Get into hospitals. Grey tells that the first days after birth are the most important for a child and mother. She shares her vision for the future of her business.

I guess just to have it in every hospital, basically. Available to every mom….And in stores, becuase you don’t just want it when you’re in the hospital…..

I would love to have it, eventually, in an industrial kitchen. You know, so they’re not just made by me. Or either mass produced to where I could get them out to way more women. ….I would love for it to grow to the point where I don’t have to make cookies everyday. So I could do other things to push the business forward.

Grey explains that her children, Cayman and Canyon, are the biggest part of why she is such an advocate for breastfeeding. Both of her children have surpassed mile marks that other children who have not been breastfed come upon later than normal. She informed me that black women do not breastfeed as much as other races do and that she’d like to change the negative views of breastfeeding.

I would honestly prefer if black women would take the stigma off of breastfeeding…I would like for {black} women to realize how important, potent, and powerful their breastmilk is…. I just would like to see the numbers exceed and surpass the current statistics.

Now for those wondering…You do not have to be a mother to enjoy Loyal Lactation Cookies! They are a great option for vegans or those who simply want to have a healthier treat! If you do not like cookies, well you are in luck because this phenomenal woman is thinking of a master plan to incorporate her recipe into bars, muffins, and smoothies!

Don’t forget to click the link provided to her website if you are interested in purchasing some of her product or if you would like more information about lactation and breastfeeding!

“I want my customers to know that I’m not just selling my product and forgetting about them. I check on them at each stage.” – Sterling Grey, Founder & CEO of Loyal Lactation


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