Successful:We All Can Be.*(Truth Pt1)

We all can..will.  We all WILL be successful. Truth is, success is anything that you set your mind to.  Good, bad, or indifferent. Actually, right now we ARE successful. Whatever it is that we’ve aimed to do…We’ve done it. We have achieved a pillar of success.

Simple and to the point. That’s not what I was going for, but there’s no other way to put it.

*(Truth Pt1)

Success is the most simple thing to achieve in life. In order to be successful, you have, to be honest with yourself. You have, to be honest with the people you care about. Other than that, it’s not too much the rest can do for you. Stay rooted in the truth….meaning whatever your pain/darkness/mistake is, don’t let that create a shadow on your endurance/light/accomplishment.  Embrace the fact that you’re flawed, and that you have the ability to engulf that shame with pride. Then and only then will you have the success you see others have.

My past of promiscuity and prurience…cast a dark shadow on me, and I allowed it to! It wasn’t until after my behind was out for the world to see did I realize that I was also letting the love of money get to me because I felt I had something to prove. I wanted Troy to see that I’m a go-getter, and I go and get it by almost any means necessary. All I did was successfully show many people that I wasn’t who I was “putting on” to be. That’s not how I wanted to do it, but life is funny like that. If you don’t make a move life will do it for you.

Even more, success is being proud of where you are on YOUR path, not someone else’s. I’ve been learning that while living with my parents, after moving back from Atlanta where I was sleeping on the couch of a friend while still paying rent for an apartment in Troy. I bring this up to say, I so desperately wanted to have the same level of success as my parents, or friends and associates who had graduated before me…I wanted whatever their struggle was because it had to be easier to 1. live with more money 2. live with more expensive bills 3. work 24/7 (literally). I was humbled when I saw somebody who went/goes to Troy at a job that I hated (Charley’s) and wasn’t proud of, even though I had gotten recognition for making the business better in less than two months of being there.  I wasn’t proud because I felt like I should be doing something better with a college degree.

Now, even though I no longer work at Charley’s, I see that I was successful. I was doing what I wanted to do. 1. Living with more money 2. More expensive bills (that by the grace of God  I don’t have to pay) 3. working 24/7 (because I was working another job)! I am still successful, and will only be more successful. That’s what I’ve set my mind to.

What type of success are you trying to have?

-Queen LayD


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  1. This is so dense and good. Success; people misunderstand a lot of things. Sometimes to be honest dictionaries only give us a summary to what words reallly mean. I want a success that i smile to every time i think of it. I want a success i cam achieve over and over again if i wish to✨✍🏽

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    1. Queen LayD says:

      Thank you…. Yes the dictionary is a decent reference for a word, but I don’t think it has captured a word to the fullest extent of it’s meaning……..But I am sure that you will be successful in all of your endeavors…

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