Daddy and Me Epiphanies

HEYYY! Check out this song I wrote for my Dad on Soundcloud!

So a while ago my Dad and I were talking and the conversation was filled with wisdom. Today I have decided to share that wisdom with you. Here are the 8 grains of wisdom from Daddy and Me Epiphanies.

1. You have to be strong by yourself before you can be strong for someone else.

–Iron sharpens iron. So strength builds strength. You can’t expect someone to be strong for you if you can’t be strong for yourself. Also, you can’t be strong for them in their weak moments if you haven’t first mastered being strong alone.

2. You can’t fill a cup that’s already full.

–Similar to epiphany number 1, you are complete!! You’re all good and already full, and if you’re not go fill yourself up with love and positivity. When your cup is full it can fill an empty cup, but you have to know how and when to replenish your own cup.

3. Somebody has to go first… That’s why you have to be strong by yourself first!

–When you get married, someone is going to pass first. It’s inevitable. Fortunately, if you are strong by yourself first and are full and complete before marriage, the loss of your loved one won’t send you to the grave. To love someone is to know that when the time comes that you can let go without regrets because you lived and loved with every fiber of your being.

4. He will find me (for the ladies).

–I didn’t want to say or believe this (lol). Seriously, though, he will find you! A woman is much more attractive when she isn’t putting herself out like an item being sold on Amazon. It’s almost as if when I was so desperate to be in a relationship that I was repelling any suitors!! The more I relax and stop “looking” or expecting that a certain guy will sweep me off of my feet the more gentleman (of my standard and liking) approach me!

5. We have problems! If there’s a solution great! If not, don’t worry.

–Charles F. Kettering said, “Problems are the price of progress! Don’t bring me anything but trouble!” What he was saying was that you have to go through adversity to get where you wanna go in life. There are going to be shortcomings and mistakes, but those things build character and resiliency.

6. Don’t stress!

–Stress is anxiety taking a physical presence in your body, and crowding productive space in your brain. Stress causes all types of physical conditions that an otherwise healthy stress-free individual doesn’t experience, i.e migraine headaches, weight loss/gain, hair loss, irritability, etc..Do not do it! Period!

7. Finishing is key! Be persistent, it’s key! Finish!!

–Starting is important, but if you start and never finish you won’t feel accomplished, or overcome THAT obstacle. Finishing brings relief and opens the doors to opportunities attached to the completion of certain tasks.

8. No plan B, it distracts from plan A.

–You can have a solid plan B, but focus on Plan A because the crazy plan is the one       that’ll get you where you want to go in life. Besides
Plan B is what you do when you’ve achieved Plan A!


-Queen LayD


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