In Training: Obedient Queen

Lately, I’ve been trying to understand why it is so important to carry yourself in a certain manner. Of course, there is the obvious, how you act is what people will think of you. What I was not realizing, was that it’s also about what you’ll be able to achieve and accomplish by doing what you know is right, morally correct, and honest. It’s fair to say that what everyone believes is “right” and “morally correct” varies, but generally, across the board, it seems to be the same. 

Esther 1:17-19 summed up is saying that queens lead other queens. If one queen refuses to respect the wishes of her husband, as is the case in this passage, then other queens will think that it’s okay to follow suit. In the same, our actions can promote or demote us; obedience is better than sacrifice. The lack of obedience caused Queen Vashti to lose (sacrifice) her position, thus, Esther became queen. 
So I said all of that to say I am an obedient queen, and while I may be in training I must expect to detect. Meaning anything that I expect, I will work for and in turn, will detect when it is or is not what I expected. I will expect that my obedience will take me places sacrifices cannot. I don’t expect perfection, but I detect excellence. I don’t expect everyone to like me or enjoy what I have to say, but I detect honesty and integrity. I won’t waste my time on anything less than my expectations, nor will I intentionally lead other queens astray. Train and reign well Queens!



-Queen LayD

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